Why use me and my company to administer your Body Corporate?

I had a long career working with the factory side of multinational automobile companies. When I was considering change I stumbled across the Body Corporate industry by owning an investment townhouse. I became the Chairperson of that complex and saw what was required from an owner’s perspective. It ticked all my boxes.

In a nutshell an owner wants a Body Corporate Manager to pay the accounts of the Body Corporate and collect the levies with effective financial recording and management. The Body Corporate Manager needs a good working knowledge of the BCCM Act of 1997 so as to give advice to the owners of what can and can’t be done. As your Body Corporate Manager, I can assist Owners and the Committee in running meetings that comply with BCCM Act requirements and record these in the minutes of meetings. A good Body Corporate Manager can make Strata Title living stress free.

Here is the challenge - I want to you use my experience and people skills to make owners life styles in their strata tile complexes as good as it should be. After all Strata Title living is about cost effective shared facilities where all owners benefit.

I have a Bachelor of Economics and a Certificate 4 in Property Services. My company is a member of Strata Community Australia and I personally am registered as a Body Corporate Manager with this peak organisation having attained the required qualifications and agreed to abide by their code of conduct.

What makes me stand out from others is that I am the owner and the Body Corporate Manager. The buck stops with me. You will find me more cost effective for two reasons. My breakeven costs are low. I have a home office and one other part time employee. I have a very simple fee structure for firstly agreed services and secondly a fixed rate for disbursements. You will be able to budget effectively with this structure. There will be no surprises.

Have you ever gone through the accounts of your Body Corporate Company and wondered what all the extra fees were? It will not happen with me. Although I am in business to make a profit it’s not all about cost recovery with me. I want to provide a service to owners who want to genuinely improve the Body Corporate which is either their home or their investment. I am deliberately limiting the size of my customer base to maintain service levels. This business is partly about return on investment and partly about the satisfaction of providing a service to owners that they will appreciate. I think my business plan will be a win win for your Body Corporate and for me.

To receive a quotation for your Body Corporate complex, complete the form on the tab headed obtain a quote on this website. I look forward to meeting with you.