Services to:

Body Corporates


  • Convene and attend the Annual General Meeting up to two hours.
  • Call for nominations for the position of executive and ordinary members of the Committee.
  • Prepare and distribute the notice of annual general meeting and ancillary documentation.
  • Record and distribute minutes of annual general meeting.
  • Prepare and distribute notices for committee meetings based upon one meeting.
  • Attend in person or on Skype one Committee Meeting up to two hours per meeting.
  • Record and distribute the minutes of one committee meeting.
  • Arrange for the appointment of a returning officer.
    The engagement of the returning office will be an additional expense to the Body Corporate (if required for a general meeting).


  • Open, maintain and operate a bank account for the administrative fund and the sinking fund.
  • Prepare a statement of accounts for each financial year.
  • Prepare a draft budget for each financial year.
  • Issue notices to lot owners for payment of contributions.
  • Receipt and bank levies.
  • Process and pay accounts.
  • Prepare financial records and statements as required by the Regulations for the Module.


  • Pay insurance premiums and organise renewal quotations for renewals.
  • Establish and maintain the roll and registers.
  • Maintain and keep records.
  • Make available the records for inspection.

Other agreed services:

Property Management by way of maintenance is not a Body Corporate Manager’s function.

Body Corporate Management Solutions is happy to facilitate this by discussions with your Body Corporate committees.


  • Provide input to the new Community Management Statement.
  • Create initial budgets from which levies are derived.
  • Set up and run the initial Body Corporate Meeting and publish the minutes.
  • Provide appropriate certificates for seller and buyer.